Current Schools Projects

The Old Woman who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle

One night, in a chip shop, a sour old woman 

meets a quite extraordinary fish 

A 20-minute storytelling performance for Key Stage 1

Living in a vinegar bottle isn't easy. So when the old woman is given a way to escape, she grabs it with both hands. But will she get greedy? Does she have a lesson to learn? And will the Wish Fish teach it?

This silly story is packed with rhythm, pattern and repetition - perfect for introducing children to traditional tales.

Up to 60 children per perfomance, designed for classrooms and school halls         DBS (Enhanced) checked

"Hilary made her story sound wonderful. I loved it. I've never heard a story like that before"

Lexi age 8


Leather & Liquorice

A tale of memory and magic

A 30-minute Performance Story for Key Stage 2

Hilary and Grandpa are inseparable. Together in his workshop, they create the finest works of art - for feet! But when his mind starts to unravel and his nimble fingers lose their way, who or what will come to their rescue?

Inspired by Grimm's The Elves & The Shoemaker, this is the emotional tale of a lost old man rescued by his granddaughter's love.

Up to 140 children per perfomance, designed for school halls with partial blackout.                                                                                                             DBS (Enhanced) checked

"Hilary brought to life a classic story. She inspired my class to write and draw about it, to dance and perform the story, and to think about the characters. They were enthralled. For days after, the children were still talking about it and role-playing all the events. Wonderful!"

Lisa Felstead, Deputy Head Teacher, Abbey Primary School

The Story of The Dancing Frog

"You can do all kinds of things if you need to enough."

A 20-minute Performance Story and a workshop for 3-8 year-olds 


A lonely young widow meets a frog with a very special talent and forms a life-long friendship. We will share the highs and lows, the loves and losses of this charming creature as he rises from lily pad obscurity to international dance sensation. Based on the book by Quentin Blake, this is an enchanting and funny show, including music, puppetry and a sprinkling of magic.


The performance is followed by a workshop, where the children can explore the characters and the situations they face through role-play, hot-seating and movement.


One class (around 30 children) per performance, designed for the classroom

DBS (Enhanced) Checked


"The children were captivated by Hilary's intimate performance. As one six-year-old said, "It was really really ribbety fun!""

Laura Hegarty, Head of Dance and Drama, Beechwood Park School




A tale of twisted knickers

A 30-minute drama for reception and Years 1&2

The Giant's pants and Rapunzel's undies are all mixed up in the boil wash. Will everyone get their own knickers back - not too big, not too small, but just right?

The children will meet the woman who scrubs the pants of all their favourite story characters. Which familiar faces will come out in the wash? And who has a new story to hang out to dry? They'll help her sort out the cottons from the delicates and make sure the right bloomers go to the right customer.

Traditional tales and fairy stories come alive in this fast and funny performance, packed with participation, rhythm, knickers and song.

One class, (around 30 children) per performance, designed for the classroom. DBS (Enhanced) Checked

"The children greatly enjoyed a wonderful stage show, full of both new and familiar characters. Hilary's simple, engaging language meant the children were fully immersed in the story and able to contribute thoughts, feelings and knowledge during the show."

Monica Lorenzoni Early Years Educator, Langtry Nursery


Endless Rhythm

“What is of great importance to me is observation of the movement of colours”

A 30 minute movement workshop for Nursery to Year 2.


Based on the abstract painting Endless Rhythm by Robert Delaunay, the workshop spins together shapes, colours and music, to explore what might happen if we could ‘dance the picture’. Perfect for Art Week.


Small groups (max 15 children) for each workshop, designed for school halls and large rooms.

DBS (Enhanced) Checked.


"An activity full of surprises! The children were focused and mesmerised throughout."

Monica Lorenzoni, Early Years Educator, Langtry Nursery.

The Witches

Explore storytelling and create characters using movement, sound and rhythm

A 45-60 minute drama workshop for Key Stages 1 and 2 - inspired by the classic Roald Dahl story


This workshop uses drama games, acting techniques, song, poetry and text. Children will learn how to use their voice, their body and their imagination to bring a character to life. The workshop will inspire creative writing, develop speaking and listening skills, and help children to gain confidence whilst they have fun.


One class (around 30 children) per workshop, designed for school halls and larger classrooms

DBS (Enhanced) Checked


"A fantastic drama workshop"

Claire Lawrence, Leader, 9th St Albans Abbey Brownies


Bespoke Projects

I’d love to work with you to create an exciting project for a particular group of children, or to support a specific area of the curriculum. This could be a one-off workshop, an after school club, or a longer project over a number of weeks. I am trained in delivering  Arts Awards (Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver) and these qualifications can become part of your project. 


Please contact me to talk about how I can help


A simple story-telling workshop starts from as little as £50. Other prices vary, based on your requirements, and will take into account the number of children involved, the length of the visit, planning and travel costs.


"Hilary was fun and interesting. I would give her 5 stars."

Tony age 8

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